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Whitedot Alpha Elbow Arm Guard

Whitedot Alpha Elbow Arm Guard
Whitedot Alpha Elbow Arm Guard
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Introducing the Whitedot Alpha Elbow Arm Guard, a cricket gear innovation designed to provide optimal protection and comfort. Engineered to sit effortlessly above your wrist, this guard offers a sleek and minimalistic design akin to an armband.

Crafted with a ballistic-proof shell, the Alpha Elbow Arm Guard strikes the perfect balance between lightweight construction and formidable defence, safeguarding you against those rapid deliveries.

We prioritize your comfort, which is why we utilize premium quality polyester fabric to encase our state-of-the-art 3D moulded shell. This combination ensures a superior fit that conforms to your arm's contours while providing unrivalled comfort throughout the game.

Choose the Whitedot Alpha Elbow Arm Guard for an unparalleled fusion of protection, style, and comfort, empowering you to face any challenge on the cricket field with confidence.

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